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Health tabloids-a collection of health management tips

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Get a little health management knowledge to avoid being affected by other gossip and pay IQ tax

Article 1: Although it is cold in winter, fruits are still edible.

Fruit is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols plant antioxidants and other healthful ingredients. Too many studies have confirmed that eating fruit properly is beneficial to the human body and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, high blood lipids, stroke and various cancers. Therefore, you should also try to consume as much fruit as possible in winter.

Article 2: If you supplement iron, it ’s not just pork liver and spinach

In addition to anemia caused by iron deficiency, it can also lead to low exercise capacity, inadequate temperature regulation, mental retardation, and decreased immunity.

The most abundant sources of total iron are viscera (liver and kidney), egg yolks, dried beans, cocoa powder, sugar cane molasses, and coriander, which are not only rich in iron but also highly absorbed.

Low iron content includes milk and dairy products, white sugar, white flour, polished white rice, potatoes, and most fresh fruits.

Foods with a medium iron content include lean meat, fish, poultry, dried nuts, leafy greens, and whole wheat flour.

Article 3: Good health and exercise are essential

The key to staying away from venous thromboembolism is to take effective preventive measures and increase exercise to prevent the formation of venous thrombosis.

Article 4: Correct understanding of low-fat diet and reasonable diet

From a nutritional point of view, low-fat essence includes two meanings: one is to limit the amount of fat, and the other is to consider the quality of fat, that is, to ensure that saturated fatty acids are within a reasonable range and trans fatty acids do not exceed the standard.

Cooking oil is a "big house" that provides fat. First of all, you must choose a cooking method that is conducive to health, such as steaming, cooking, stewing, braising, slicking, mixing, and frying quickly. It is also possible to use frying instead of frying. Reduce your cooking oil intake. Second, we must adhere to household quantitative oil use and control the total amount.

Article 5: Ten Faces Haze, How Useful Are Masks

Haze weather is harmful to the health of all people. Special attention should be paid to the old, the weak, the sick and the young, and the health protection of haze pollution needs to be strengthened from multiple aspects.

First, be prepared for the health hazards of haze. Pay attention to the air quality forecast of the meteorological and environmental department, understand the pollution situation on the same day and in the next few days, and arrange travel with reference to the forecast.

The second is to classify responses based on the severity of the haze.

Third, we must pay attention to health protection when indoor activities. When the outdoor PM2.5 concentration is high in haze weather, it is necessary to reduce the number of open doors and windows, and provide reasonable ventilation. You can choose to open the windows and ventilate during periods when the concentration of outdoor pollutants is low. In severe haze-polluted weather, stay indoors as much as possible. While closing doors and windows, it is recommended that families with conditions open air purifiers at the same time.

Article 6: There are many ways to keep the brain young

Regulate your mindset and do more exercise. Exercise can regulate and improve the process of brain excitement and inhibition, so that brain functions can be fully exerted and brain aging can be delayed;

To change the bad lifestyle, work, study, activities, entertainment and diet must have certain rules, so as not to cause disorders of the circadian clock, especially to ensure adequate sleep and not to overuse the brain;

Prevent brain diseases, do not abuse drugs, do not smoke, and do not drink too much alcohol;

Food chewing exercise, when using the chewing muscle, the stimulus will be transmitted to the brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebral cortex, improving brain activity.

For the human brain to function properly, vitamins and minerals are important, and daily diet should pay attention to the intake of B vitamins.

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