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2019 CPPCC Work Qiluxing | A data network to facilitate the conversion of new and old "capacity" for carless transportation

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Qilu.net Lightning News December 23 News On the huge screen of more than ten square meters, real-time data such as the number of trucks, transported items, driving routes, traffic trends, safety factors, and contact information are clearly displayed at a glance.

On the morning of December 23rd, the CPPCC Qilu Working Group visited the Tai'an Fengsong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for a survey and visited its car-free carrier platform system developed through big data integration.

As a platform company that has been in the field of cargo logistics for nearly 20 years, how to use the advantages of the platform in the Internet era, integrate social transportation capacity, solve the problem of empty truck driving, and realize the conversion of old and new "capacity"? Fengsong's car-free carrier platform has experienced explosive growth from construction to use to customer explosion, realizing the new development of big data empowerment.

In 2016, after being identified as a national road freight carless pilot company, Fengsong Electronics started the pilot work in May of the next year. Fengsong Electronics ranked fourth in the comprehensive ranking of national pilot enterprises in 2017, and achieved a 54-fold increase in operating income for the year.

The Fengsong car-free shipping platform successfully virtualizes individual transportation vehicles into a "large convoy", forming a huge capacity pool, which can not only timely and effectively undertake the transportation of upstream companies, the freight is more reasonable, but also the traditional distribution stations, The information department and the transportation broker are integrated together to form a transparent transaction.

Today, this platform monitors more than 600,000 trucks and publishes 6 million pieces of information per day, saving about 40% of operating costs for production and freight companies. Because it effectively solves the problem of empty trucks, compared with traditional transportation companies, the profit of bicycles on the new platform has increased by a factor of two.

In August 2018, Fengsong Electronics and Beijing Huitong Tianxia Co., Ltd. joined forces to establish a national car-free shipping and settlement center in Tai'an. Both parties integrated and provided logistics ecological chain services through big data. As of November 30, 2019, Fengsong's car-free platform turnover in 2019 exceeded 10.534 billion yuan, completed tax payment of 980 million yuan, accumulated over 7.62 million orders, 557,000 vehicles, and more than 9,300 contracted owners.

As a member of the 13th CPPCC of Tai'an, Zhang Fengsong, chairman of Fengsong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., has set his sights on a longer-term perspective while running a good business. He has been engaged in logistics for more than 20 years. He has always regarded more than 3 million truck drivers across the country as the core of his service, actively responding to the wishes and voices of the front-line masses, and seeking development for the logistics industry. At this year's CPPCC meeting, he also put forward proposals to speed up the construction of smart logistics cities and build a national logistics information transaction, payment, and settlement center city.

Lightning News reporter He Xiaofei and Huang Jianrong report

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