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Do you know all this health knowledge?

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1. Molar teeth at night do not mean to use deworming medicine

There are many causes of molars, such as mental stress, occlusal interference, and even some systemic diseases.

2. Cactus is not radiation resistant

Cacti can resist the damage of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, but what is produced in the sun is a kind of "radiant energy", which is different from the radiation generated by computer screens or other electrical appliances.

3. There is no such thing as "stool"

The rectum is usually empty and does not accumulate stool

4. Steaming vinegar in the room does not kill bacteria

Steamed vinegar in the room has a certain bactericidal effect, but it requires a higher concentration than vinegar.

5. Drinking bone soup cannot add calcium

Although bone soup has high nutritional value, the calcium content is not high, and it has little practical significance for calcium supplementation.

6. Although the supermarket ticket has bisphenol A, it will not cause cancer if you touch it more

Bisphenol A is a compound with low toxicity. It will cause substantial harm to the human body only when the exposure is large and the contact time is long.

7. Duck blood and pig blood cannot remove dust from the lungs

There is currently no experimental and clinical evidence that small molecules in food can remove dust from the lungs.

8. Many confinement is not necessary

In the past, confinement paid attention to not being able to brush your teeth, wash your hair, bathe, blow hair, and go out.

9. Collagen supplement is worse than eating eggs

High molecular collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin. For protein that can really be supplemented, one egg is enough.

10. Pregnant women's radiation protective clothing has limited effect

Although the fabrics of radiation protection clothing products can indeed protect against radiation, these clothings have large and numerous openings and have limited effects against electromagnetic radiation.

11. Do not use detergent for washing dishes

If the dishes are not greasy, the dishcloth can be heated with water. Too much exposure to many chemical ingredients in detergents can interfere with normal human metabolism.

12. Juice is not as good as vegetable juice

Two glasses of fruit juice is equivalent to drinking 4-6 fruits of sugar. It is better to break a lot of vegetables with a small amount of fruit and drink the slag together.

13. There are basically three kinds of "healthy snacks":

Fruit, nuts and yogurt.

14. Drink yogurt for 1-2 hours after meals

If you eat a full meal, drinking a cup of yogurt immediately after a meal can only increase the burden on your intestines.

15. Eat half a grapefruit before meals, full belly and lose weight

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber, and it is easy to produce satiety, but the calories are very low. In addition, it is rich in fruit acid, which can effectively stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, affect the absorption of nutrients, and thus suppress appetite.

16. Eating yolk pie will get drunk

Yolk pie contains edible alcohol. Tofu milk, Huoxiangzhengqi water, mouthwash, these all contain alcohol, so drivers should use it with caution.

17. Gastric ulcers have little to do with what to eat

The main cause of gastric ulcer is H. pylori interference. The main transmission channel is co-meal, which can be cured by antibiotics.

18. The mass on the body is more dangerous than pain.

When you discover an unexplained lump on your body, which is painless and has poor mobility, the likelihood of malignancy will greatly increase.

19. Natural vitamins are no better than synthetic vitamins

There is no difference between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. In contrast, natural vitamins are more likely to introduce pollution and impure impurities during the production and extraction process.

20. Unplugging a white hair will not grow ten

Whether the hair that grows out is black hair or white hair depends on the secretion of melanin in the body, and it has nothing to do with pulling the hair.

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