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Cool lightsaber, reinstalled Mech "Vanity" the strongest history of IP star wars

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The classic MOBA game "Vanity" staged the rise of Star Wars Skywalker, cool lightsaber, re-installed mecha, do not have to wait until 2077, the cyber-punk style full of science fiction is coming! Take a look at the very representative and sci-fi heroes in Vanity!

The game background of "Vanity" is a world where magic and technology are combined. Magic and scientific forces collide to create a large number of original and interesting hero characters. There are all kinds of beasts, cute beasts, rogue swordsmen, royal sister Loli, knight mage, and lord teenager. Of course, there are heroes who come from ancient magic, but also heroes who fly between future sci-fi stars.

Star Warrior Baron is one of them. The original picture of Baron's hero is a future warrior with heavy armor. He holds a cannon and kills everything. Barron is also the physical ADC that Vanity claims to have exploded in later crimes. The recommended sword of sadness, bone saw, tyrant's glasses, tyrant's glasses are recommended. One skill mortar, two skills ejection and jump, three skills full map fixed-point large-scale bombardment.

Barron's official CP battle engine, Skye, is also a near-future warrior, with mechanical limbs and reloaded hot weapons, and Barron is indeed the best CP in the future of interstellar. Silkay is one of the most elegant and showy heroes of vanity. The second skill and passive are the reliance of Sikai Yi floating around, the Sikai that can float, and the corner of the clothes will not let people touch the one and finish the killing.

To say that the keywords of Star Wars, Skywalker, Force Saber, Vanity Idry fits best. Idri is a warrior with a lightsaber, but he has nothing to do with science fiction. Another heroine holding a lightsaber, "Mecha Zhuer", is desperately stubborn in temperament, which absolutely matches.

Mech Zhul is one of the most rigid and reckless heroes of vanity. The setting of frontal injury reduction keeps her fighting posture at all times and never retreats! The latest version of Zhuer ’s physical clothing is relatively strong. It is recommended to wear a pain mask, bone saw, breakthrough point, double-proof and one shoe, and take a steady endurance flow. The longer the station, the more output. The first skill lightsaber chopping is the main output skill in addition to the basic attack; the second skill take-off displacement; the big move shock wave, the magical Zhuer big move damage is high, physical damage is also good, but mostly used to clean up the line.

The most suitable position for Mech Juul is on the road, followed by jungle. Because of the frontal injury reduction, when he was facing the enemy ADC on the road, he was completely upright. He was unable to touch Juul at the first and middle stages of the ADC, but he could not be cut by Zhuer's skill. In the middle and late period, Zhuer chased people and finished it. One skill equaled A and chopped. When the enemy ran, he opened his shoes and chased him. However, there were still two skills that ejected and fled.

"Flying Cloud Attacker Dance Division" is also a sci-fi-skin full of skin, which is the best skin for many players in the hearts of Sonic Dancer. He likes the Sonic Dance Division, who runs rampant on the battlefield, doubles his physical skills, and uses magic equipment to act as a mage in the middle and physical equipment to act as an ADC. Anyway, there is the splash damage of passive bombs. Maiji is an ADC mage with a warrior style.

There are many types of vanity heroes, and science fiction is just a small category. The national service vanity has gone through four years, the vanity has been updated to version 4.10, and the 5.0 era is coming. At present, Double Dan is coming, Christmas comes first, and New Year's Day, the two activities in the game are very good, especially for MOBA game fans who want to play vanity during the winter and annual holidays, it is very worthy of attention!

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